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Havanese Puppies: Choosing Your Best Pet Here

In many places you visit, more likely you come across pets. For any person who wants to bring that puppy home, it becomes a momentous time. When it comes to dog breeds, there are so many you can choose, depending on several things and characteristics. If looking for a great puppy, why not think of the Havanese puppies Oregon?

But what makes the Havanese puppies so popular and loved by people? Read to the end and get some facts about this breed.

First, owning these Havanese puppies is ideal because they are small-bodied pets. In most cases, they weigh up to 13 pounds. When it comes to height, they grow for up to 11 inches around the shoulder area. They have a longer body than their height. For the ears, they are drop. If you closely watch their tail, you notice their tail curls over their back. When you bring that puppy home when it is a few weeks old, it will take almost a year for them to mature.

But what about their personality
The Havanese puppies are among the popular breeds in any home because of their personality. First, these are happy dogs and very affectionate. Though they aren’t the best of the kennel dogs, they always prefer to be left with the owner. For these puppies, you get them active and love to play with owners at home.

One great thing about the Havanese puppies is that they are easily trained and very intelligent dogs. To stop them from being timid to strangers, you have a lot of work to do for socialization,

When you buy that puppy and bring it home, what do you expect?
First, when you bring this puppy home, you have to get it interacting with people. Therefore, you must be there to make it interact. Also, this dog breed is good with the animals when socialized well. Many of the days they enjoy their time outside.

If you have been looking for a great watchdog, this is the best animal to have. However, don’t mistake this and make them to be guard dogs because they won’t do well. This is because of their small body size.

If you fail to train it well, it becomes annoying as it continues to bar excessively.

And what about their fur? Well, to maintain that mat-free coat, you have the role of combing and brushing their fur several times. The good news is that as you do this, you don’t need to trim the fur coat.

If looking to own a small-bodied pet, then you are the best person to go for the Havanese puppies. Though small, they are very active. It is an ideal breed for people who don’t own large yards. Frequent walks, a few games and they are good to go. One thing you have to avoid for sure when you go for the Havanese is to avoid leaving them for many hours.

When you go for the Havanese puppies today, you will have a pet to live with for the next 10 to 15 years. Therefore, this is the best investment to make today.

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